AFS - Annual Audited Financial Statements

BLI - Budget Line Item (in LOCCS)

BOSS - Budget Outlay Support System

CBD - Commerce Business Daily

CFFP - Capital Fund Financing Program

CFP - Capital Fund Program

CPU - Cost Per Unit  (Total Cost/Number of Units)

DARTS - Departmental Accounts Receivable Tracking/Collection System

DCR - Debt Coverage Ratio (NOI/Hard Debt)

DSCR - Debt Service Coverage Ratio

DUNS - Dun and Bradstreet Numbering System

EGI - Effective Gross Income (GPR - Vacancy Loss + Other Income = EGI)

FY - Fiscal year

IBS - Integrated Business System

IRR - Internal Rate of Return

NOI - Net Operating Income (EGI - Operating Expenses = NOI)

NPV - Net Present Value

PFS - Pre-Foreclosure sale (REO program)

PHA - Public Housing Authority

PV - Present Value


Mortgage: Acronyms

ARRA - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

BEDI - Brownfields Economic Development Initiative. Grants, connected with 108 guaranteed loans to improve security of viability of projects

BLS - Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

BRI - Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative. Interagency initiative addressing financial and legal risks of brownfield clean-up and redevelopment.

Budget Authority - Legal authority to enter into financial obligations

CDBG - Community Development Block Grant (CPD program)

CEF - Community Empowerment Fund; administered by CPD

CFCF - Capital Fund Education and Training Community Facilities

CFO - Chief Financial Officer (HUD Office of)

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CHAS - Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy

CHDO - Community Housing Development Organization. Nonprofit housing provider receiving minimum of 15% of HOME Investment Partnership funds

CIO - Chief Information Officer (HUD Office of)

CITI - Correcting Incorrect Tenant Identifiers

CMHI - Cooperative Management Housing Insurance Fund. One of four FHA funds

CoC - Continuum of Care approach to assistance to the homeless

COCC - Central Office Cost Center

Continuum of Care - Federal program stressing permanent solutions to homelessness

COE - Army Corps of Engineers

Con Plan - Consolidated Plan; a locally developed plan for housing assistance and urban development under the Community Development Block Grant and other CPD programs

Contract Authority - Statutory authority. Budget authority permitting contracting or obligations prior to an appropriation for payment

CPD - Community Planning and Development (HUD Office of)

CSI - Community Strategies Institute

DAP - Down payment Assistance Program (FHA - Single Family Housing) or Development Application Processing (FHA - Multifamily Housing)

Data Warehouse - Information system storing HUD program and operational data

Davis Bacon - Statutory requirement that persons working on federally assisted projects be paid at least minimum prevailing wage rates

DEC - Departmental Enforcement Center

DHAP - Disaster Housing Assistance Program (HCV Program)

DOT - Declaration of Trust

EA - Environmental Assessment. Analysis to determine the affect of a project on the environment. May lead to an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

EC - Enterprise Community or Enforcement Center (formally called Departmental Enforcement Center)

EDA - Economic Development Administration (part of Dept. of Commerce)

EDI - Economic Development Initiative (CPD program)

EDSS - Economic Development and Supportive Services (CPD program)

EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity

EIV - Enterprise Income Verification

EMAD - Economic and Market Analysis Division

EPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EZ - Empowerment Zone

FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Administration

FERA - Front-End Risk Assessments (FERAs) are documented reviews by management of a component's susceptibility to waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement. FERAs are conducted on new or substantially revised programs or administrative functions

FHA - Federal Housing Administration (HUD Office of Housing)

FHIP - Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHEO program). Program to assist state/local government, community groups and housing resource boards to combat housing discrimination

FHLMC - Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. Federally chartered stockholder owned corporation supporting secondary market for conventional mortgages

FNMA - Federal National Mortgage Association. Federally chartered, stockholder owned corporation supporting secondary market for FHA, VA and conventional mortgages

FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

Ginnie Mae - (HUD) Government National Mortgage Association

GIS - Geographic Information System

HARP - Home Affordable Refinance Program

HOPE VI - Program for Revitalization of Severely Distressed Public Housing (PIH program)

HUD - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

MBA - Mortgage Bankers Association

MBE - Minority Business Enterprise

MBS - Mortgage-Backed Securities (for secondary market issued by Ginnie Mae)

MDDR - Multifamily Delinquency and Default Reporting

MHA - Making Home Affordable

REO - Real estate owned (in reference to defaulted FHA-insured properties)

USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture

VA - Veterans Affairs (U.S. Department of)

Commercial: Acronyms

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